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By:-Syed Rizwan Bareed

غزل؛ حمد؛ نعت؛ مرثیہ، رباعی؛ مثنوی؛ نظم پڑھیں
اردو کتب مفت میں ڈاوءن لوڈ کریں
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Main » 2009 » July » 18 » ghazal by habeeb jalib - dil ki baat
ghazal by habeeb jalib - dil ki baat
8:18:19 PM
urdu poetry - great poetry

Dil ki baat labon per laa ker ab tak hum dukh sehtey hain

Hum ne suna tha is basti may dilwaale bhi rehtey hain


Beet gaya saawan ka mahina mausam ne nazrein badlein

Laykin in pyasi aankhon se ab tak aansoon behtey hain


Ek hamein aawara kehna koi bada ilzaam nahi

Dunya waale dil waalon ko aur bahut kuch kehtey hain


Jinn ki khatir shehar bhi chod’ha jinn ke liye badnaam howey

Aaj wohi humse begaaney begaaney se rehtey hain


Woh jo abhi is rah guzar se chaak garaibaan guzra tha

Uss aawara deewane ko jaalib jaalib kehtey hain.


By -- Habib jaalib

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